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Mortgage Loan Programs

Fixed Rate Loans

A Fixed Rate Mortgage provides you with the security of a monthly payment that doesn't change.

  • Fixed rate loans are one of the most popular loan options today.
  • The longer the term of your loan, the lower the monthly payments will be.
  • The shorter the term of your mortgage will allow you to pay it off quicker and save more on interest costs, though your monthly payments will be higher.
  • Ideal if you don’t want to worry about your monthly payment increasing for the life of the loan

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

An adjustable rate mortgage has a monthly payment that may change over the term of the loan.

  • With our Adjustable Rate Mortgage, your payment will have a lower initial fixed interest rate.
  • After the initial fixed period the interest rate may vary.
  • Ideal if you income is likely to increase in the future or if you only plan on being in the home for three to five years

FHA Fixed Rate

An FHA Fixed Rate Loan can be a great way to start out if you don’t have a large percentage to use as a down payment.

  • Run through the Federal Housing Association
  • Ideal for individuals who haven’t had the resources to put away significantly for a home, like recent graduates or newlyweds
  • Individuals can finance up to 97% of the home, meaning monthly payments and closing costs are kept to a minimum

Home Construction Loan

A Home Construction Loan is a great way to help you build your dream home or rehab your existing home.

    End Loan

    • Permanent, long term rate-locked loan used to pay off construction costs of a new home
    • Builder finances construction project with their own funds and the end loan pays off the costs of the project after completion

    Draw Loan

    • Used to finance the building of a new single-family one unit primary or secondary home
    • During draw period, lender makes payments to the builder as stages of the home are completed
    • Borrower makes interest-only payments on funds disbursed to builder
    • After a nine-month draw period borrower will make interest & principal payments

First Home Club Account (Only Available in New York)

A First Home Club Account is offered by Clydesdale IBN and the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York.

  • Deposit up to $2,500 and get a 4x match of those funds, up to a max of $7,500
  • No monthly maintenance Fee
  • Ideal if you need some help with the down payment

Learn More about the First Home Club Account

New York State Housing Programs

With the State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA), Clydesdale IBN offers the following products:

  • SONYMA's Achieving the Dream Mortgage Program: provides qualified low income first time homebuyers downpayment mortgage financing on one and two family dwellings (including condominiums and cooperative apartments, as well as manufactured homes permanently attached to real property) at a very low fixed interest rate.
  • SONYMA's Low Interest Rate Program: provides qualified low and moderate income first time homebuyers downpayment mortgage financing on one to four family dwellings (including condominiums and cooperative apartments, as well as manufactured homes permanently attached to real property) at competitive fixed interest rates.

Learn About New York State Housing Programs

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