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Diversity & Inclusion

Clydesdale strives to create an environment that is open and welcoming to all, leading to high employee engagement and job performance. We believe this will enable Clydesdale to outperform our peers and ensure high levels of shareholder return and thus financial independence.

Three professional women meeting.


At Clydesdale IBN, we leverage a variety of approaches to facilitate a large and diversified pool of candidates. We firmly believe that these efforts create a unique talent pool for our company, where those with different backgrounds, beliefs, and identities offer new perspectives creating richer solutions to the ever-changing market landscape.

Search Openings

A diverse group of professionals.

Inclusive Workplace

It is our firm belief that when employees feel a connection to and a belonging with the Clydesdale team that job satisfaction improves, collaboration is high, and the overall organization benefits from a truly engaged workforce. We support inclusiveness with programs where employees are encouraged to be themselves and provide opportunities for employees to network throughout the organization. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, belonging, and engagement, allowing our employees to perform at their best.

Our Culture & Values

Two men meeting over coffee

Speak-Up Culture

Clydesdale IBN is committed to ensuring that our employees’ opinions are heard, understood, and valued. We deploy numerous tactics for sharing our diverse perspectives allowing for rich dialog to facilitate organizational improvement. Our “No Agenda” meetings offer employees across divisions and management levels a forum where they can share personal insight, concerns and opinions on a variety of topics.

John Watt

John Watt

President & CEO

The employees on the Clydesdale Team are critical to our continued...


The employees on the Clydesdale Team are critical to our continued success. It is our team that allows Clydesdale to exceed our customers’ expectations and bring value to our shareholders.

Studies show that companies with a diverse workforce have better financial returns and outperform. Fostering and enhancing the diversity and inclusion of our workforce is central to our success. Additionally, ensuring we cultivate an environment where our team is free to perform at their best is a priority.

I am certain that having a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace best positions Clydesdale for that future. I am committed to this important goal.

Amy Hurta

Amy Hurta

SVP, Director of Operations and Chief Diversity Officer

Inclusion at Clydesdale is about creating an environment where each...


Inclusion at Clydesdale is about creating an environment where each individual has the opportunity to showcase their strength, is engaged in our mission, and performs at their best, all while being their authentic self.

Leveraging the power of creative and insightful thinking happens best when each person shares ideas, speaks up, engages in discussion, and is open minded. By valuing our team’s diverse backgrounds and experiences we are continually improving our ability to serve our customers. Investing in our colleagues’ development and communities has long been a core value of CIBN. We recognize that growth and learning is an ongoing activity.

I am excited to see what the future holds as we provide additional framework and resources towards this very important initiative.

Steering Committee

John Watt
President & CEO

Amy Hurta
Chief Diversity Officer, SVP Director of Operations

Tim Brenner
EVP President Wealth Management

Bill Butcher
SVP Director of Organizational Development

Sarah Halliday
EVP President Commercial Banking

Catherine Scarlett
EVP Chief Human Resources & Ethics Officer

Joe Stagliano
EVP Operations & Retail Banking

Amy Wiles
EVP Chief Risk & Credit Officer

Clydesdale IBN is an equal opportunity employer and fully supports a diversified environment. We do not discriminate against any applicant or employee because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or veteran status, recently separated veterans, genetic information, victims of domestic violence and stalking or any other class protected by Federal, State or local law. This policy applies to all terms of employment.

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